The British Inspiration Trust (BRIT) supports the mental health and wellbeing of young adults aged 16-25 through our annual mental health and fitness fundraising challenges that support the vital programmes and services of charity partners across the UK.


To deliver our work, we collaborate with and unite a range of partners including sport and education governing bodies, institutions, businesses and philanthropists.

This collaborative strategy will further enable our delivery of support to young adult mental health and help our partner mental health charities to provide vital mental health services to all young adults in the UK who need their support. 



This instagram feed is updated by all the teams around the UK participating in the BRIT 2021 Challenge. Don't forget to use #BRIT2021Challenge and #TheBRITChallenge and tag us in your instagram photos


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If you are a journalist, or a university or college comms team, and want to know more about The British Inspiration Trust (BRIT), you've come to the right place.

This page has information on our charity, notes for editors and our latest press releases.  We will also endeavour to include press releases from our partners who are raising awareness of our collaborative support to improve young adult mental health in the UK.

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Check out our Latest News to see which British Sporting Icons, Mental Health Ambassadors & Partner Organisations are coming on board;


The ethos of BRIT is to operate with minimal overheads and avoid fundraising to pay for large operational costs. The charity currently does not employ any staff. We secure voluntary support and partner with organisations who can deliver help in specific areas.  


Corporations and philanthropists who understand our ethos and approach either provide professional and gifted services or fund our operational costs to ensure our work has the greatest impact possible.

To deliver effectively, our strategy and operations are underpinned by working with the gifted support of senior advisors, subject matter experts, charity partners, business leaders, philanthropists and inspirational figures. These experts and professionals have shaped the vision and work of BRIT to date.


We hope the following facts will be useful to editors;


  • In December 2020, The British Inspiration Trust launched their UK-wide BRIT 2021 Challenge to improve young adult mental health, reduce feelings of isolation and raise vital funds for charities that provide support to students and young adults in the UK. 

  • With both COVID-19 restrictions compounding existing mental health issues and young adults being isolated for extended periods throughout the majority of 2020, the BRIT 2021 Challenge will be a feel-good fundraising opportunity for every university, college and/or Student Union to register a team and encourage all of their students, and staff, to both participate and raise vital funds.

  • The BRIT 2021 Challenge will be an inclusive (adaptive sport) mental health, fitness and wellbeing challenge to fundraise, create wider young adult engagement and raise positive awareness of mental health and suicide prevention.

  • The BRIT 2021 Challenge is a 2,021 mile team challenge to be completed between now and 1st July 2021 (we have extended the challenge due to COVID-19 restrictions and at the request of UK universities and colleges) in order to raise vital funds for a collaboration of mental health charities.

  • The BRIT 2021 Challenge is designed to be completed by individuals working as a team to cover the 2,021 mile distance by either Hand-cycling, Cycling, Wheel-Chair Pushing, Swimming, Walking, Jogging, Running, Rowing or Paddling (Kayaking, Canoeing or Paddle-Boarding). 

  • The British Inspiration Trust'sBRIT 2020 Row Britannia Challenge took place between November 2019 and March 2020. The participation of UK universities and colleges, and student engagement, far exceeded expectations.  

  • The BRIT 2020 Row Britannia Challenge was a UK-wide 2,020 mile team indoor row to improve young adult mental health and fitness, all whilst raising funds for charity.  

  • Between November 2019 and March 2020, following a 5-month tour of the UK, 130 universities and colleges were visited and a week before lockdown, almost 100 were taking part with many others intending to come onboard.  

  • Due to the closure of all UK universities and colleges in March 2020, the students and staff taking part were unable to complete their rowing and fundraising targets.  

  • With the continued closure of all universities and college throughout the spring and summer of 2020, BRIT focussed their attention on a 2021 Challenge to continue their support to young adult mental health.

  • BRIT delivers inspiration to young adults with the support of their BRIT Ambassadors.  British Sporting Icons (current and retired Paralympians, Olympians, Sports Personalities, Adventurers and Explorers) are invited to become BRIT Ambassadors in order to improve and support young adult mental health and fitness, champion BRIT's UK-wide Challenges and raise awareness.

  • BRIT has received support from a wealth of British Sporting Icons since its inception including Baroness Tanni-Grey-Thomson DBE, Sir Steve Redgrave CBE, Sir Ranulph Fiennes OBE, Dame Katherine Grainger DBE, Sally Gunnell OBE and Ade Adeptian MBE.

  • BRIT's long-term aspiration is for young adults to drive the charity forward by taking on integral roles (with support from mentors) and be empowered to make decisions of how the charity operates and what BRIT events are delivered.  BRIT are keen that in addition to young adult representation for inclusivity, diversity, disability, LGBTQ+ and BAME, every region of the UK has young adult representation within the charity.   




We hope our advice to set up a BRIT 2021 Challenge Coordination Group will ensure that universities and colleges will assist in providing their student unions and students with resources to promote their campaign, increase participation and successfully reach fundraising targets.


Raising awareness through social media platforms will be crucial with current restrictions and so many students and staff working remotely.  We have provided brand guidelines and an asset bank to assist with promoting your campaign to raise awareness and funds.


We would be delighted if universities and colleges take over our BRIT Challenge social media accounts to gather momentum and raise awareness.  Please contact us if this is something you are able to help with.


Here you will find assets that will help with your fundraising activity. Simply click on the links to download the logos you might find useful for your BRIT 2021 Challenge campaign.


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