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Adaptive Athlete, Jamie Gane, joins Row Britannia

Jamie is an adaptive athlete with a below-knee amputation. After developing a chronic pain condition, Jamie made the difficult decision to undergo a below-knee amputation in September 2016 and subsequently needed a revision surgery in September 2017. As part of his rehabilitation following surgery, Jamie has learnt how to walk with his prosthesis. Jamie uses a Blade XT running blade from Blatchford clinic in Basingstoke. 

Jamie competes internationally for Judo under the 'Special Needs/Adaptive' category, without the use of his prosthesis and is currently ranked second in the World. British Judo do not currently have separate competitions for those with physical disabilities so Jamie generally competes against those with mild learning difficulties.

At a National level, Jamie achieved a silver medal at the British Judo Championships as well as a silver medal at his debut international Judo competition in November 2017. He has also achieved a Silver medal at the World Judo Games in 2019.

Jamie is currently the only lower-limb amputee in the world to compete internationally and he hopes to continue representing his country at an international level. 

As well as Judo, Jamie also competes internationally for Obstacle Course Racing. He is a Tough Mudder Ambassador and has completed the most courses out of any other UK adaptive athlete. Jamie has completed over 70 Tough Mudder courses, 4 competitive 8 hour endurance races, as well as World's Toughest Mudder, a 24-hour endurance race in the US. Jamie has competed at the European and World Obstacle Course Race Championships and placed 3rd in one category, against 60+ able-bodied athletes.

Jamie’s ambition is to be a role model to other young people who are in similar situations to his. He wants to inspire them to believe that they can overcome challenges and see the opportunities open to them in both the world of work and sport. He intends to continue to engage people through events, social media and his public speaking for schools, colleges and organisations.

We are delighted that Jamie will be visiting The University of Reading on the 22nd January 2020.

Adaptive Athlete, Jamie Gane, joins Row Britannia


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