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Adventurer, author and Co-Founder of The Active Pregnancy Foundation, Sally Kettle, supports BRIT

We are delighted that Sally continues to be part of our BRIT Ambassador family to support and improve young adult mental health and fitness throughout the UK. Sally is an adventurer, author and the Co-Founder and CEO of The Active Pregnancy Foundation.

Sally Kettle - Adventurer, author and Co-Founder & CEO of The Active Pregnancy Foundation

"Having supported BRIT as an Ambassador for many years now and spending time with students, and through my work with the Active Pregnancy Foundation and as a Girl Guiding Ambassador and Leader, I am aware of the worrying increase of students facing mental health challenges in their lives. With the COVID-19 pandemic compounding existing mental health difficulties, and the strain on the NHS and professional services, it is vital that charities work closely together to avoid long-term consequences on student health and wellbeing.

The annual BRIT Challenge is an exciting and innovative opportunity for every university, college, specialist college and Student’ Union to enter teams and encourage their students and staff to take part. It’s fantastic that every university and college team are invited to choose a second charity to raise funds for, alongside BRIT, and support local, regional and national charities. There has never been a more important to collaborate in support of young adult mental health and fitness and BRIT are continuing to have a UK-wide impact; influencing, encouraging and uniting the charity, education and sport sectors. I’m thrilled that the BRIT Challenge has been designed to enable students and staff of all abilities to participate wherever they are (at home or on campus and in many different ways.

I urge Olympians, Paralympians, sports personalities, adventurers and explorers to unite and join our BRIT Ambassador family. By promoting the BRIT Challenge at universities and colleges of our choice, destigmatising mental health and championing equality, diversity and inclusion, together we can help to have a positive impact on supporting and improving young adult mental health throughout the UK.

I look forward to encouraging and supporting students and staff at Bangor University and Coleg Menai as they take on their BRIT Challenge.”

Sally Kettle Adventurer, author and Co-Founder & CEO of The Active Pregnancy Foundation

Sally Kettle - BRIT Ambassador

Sally is the first woman to have rowed across the Atlantic east-west, twice. She first took to the oars in 2003. Following an initial set back to her first Atlantic attempt, she was joined by an unlikely rowing partner - her mother Sarah Kettle. 106 days later they made it into the record books as the world’s first mother and daughter to row an ocean.

In 2005 Sally founded Rowgirls - an all-female rowing team striving to break the record for the fastest Atlantic crossing. The team of four were struck by disaster when a crewmate left the boat mid-Atlantic. Subsequently the boat lost its rudder in the worst recorded conditions in 200 years and a shark attacked the boat - no lives were lost. Unwilling to give up, Sally and her crew completed the challenge. They arrived in Antigua 77 days later, and became the first three-handed boat ever to complete the trip. More recently, Sally co-founded, and is CEO of, The Active Pregnancy Foundation who support women to stay active throughout pregnancy and beyond, by providing expertise and advice, changing culture and challenging policy. For more information on Sally’s achievements, please visit her website. For more information on The Active Pregnancy Foundation, please visit their website. You can follow Sally on Instagram.


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