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Jane Fylan, British Athletics Athlete Health & Wellbeing Chair, supports Row Britannia

Jane is presently employed by British Athletics and is the Athlete Health & Wellbeing Chair; Duty of Care Lead and Compliance & Welfare Deputy, focusing on athlete support strategies for Athletics in the UK. 

Jane is formerly a fully accredited member of Team GB & NI and Team England, having worked with a vast number of World Class Performance teams/athletes at Olympic, World, European and Commonwealth level, spanning over 5 Olympic cycles. 

Jane worked extensively as an applied Biomechanist; Exercise Physiologist and Performance Lifestyle Advisor in the United Kingdom (E.I.S) and Australia (A.I.S).  Jane has focused on extensive research within talent and performance, drawing on personal playing experience as a former elite field hockey player, to create and disseminate athlete centred support strategies that relate to the physical and mental wellbeing of athletes, work that was recognised and presented at the International Olympic Committee World Conference - Prevention of Injury and Illness in Sport and the UK Sport World Class Performance Conference, subsequently leading to national/international publications across the sporting fraternity.

Jane commented; "In today’s digital world, we are all too aware of the increasing presentation in the decline of student/youth mental health, along with the ever growing strain on our primary and secondary health care service provision, it is paramount that we all endeavour to take self-care steps to help support our mental wellbeing and health.  The statistics speak boldly for themselves and I am proud to support such a fantastic initiative in aid of Sport Relief, utilising the prominence and benefit that physical activity affords to support an individual’s mental health.  I wish Phil and the wider Row Britannia Team all the very best."

We are delighted that Jane is supporting Row Britannia.

Jane Fylan, British Athletics Athlete Health & Wellbeing Chair and Duty of Care Lead, supports Row Britannia


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