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Plymouth Marjon University support BRIT and embraces the BRIT 2021 Challenge

We are absolutely delighted that Plymouth Marjon University and Marjon Students' Union are supporting BRIT and embracing the BRIT 2021 Challenge.

It was a pleasure to visit Plymouth Marjon University as part of the BRIT 2020 Row Britannia Challenge and our 5-month tour of UK universities and colleges.

We are sincerely grateful to Professor Rob Warner - Vice Chancellor and Chief Executive of Plymouth Marjon University, Lauren Edwards - Student Union President, Kathryn Kearney - Student Sport Officer at Marjon Sports Federation and Laura Bell - Head of Digital Marketing at the university.

The support from Plymouth Marjon University for our BRIT 2021 Challenge has been tremendous and we appreciate Laura sharing why they are taking on the challenge and how students and staff can take part;

"As a Student Union, the mental health of all our students is a priority and we also have a huge amount of enthusiasm and energy to fundraise to support BRIT’s mental health charity partners.

Plymouth Marjon University were delighted to host the BRIT Row Britannia visit and take part in the BRIT 2020 Row Britannia Challenge.

We are delighted that BRIT will be delivering the BRIT 2021 Challenge to every UK university and college in support of young adult mental health.

The BRIT 2021 Challenge is fully inclusive, and mindful of COVID-19 restrictions, so the ability to take part either handcycling, cycling, wheelchair pushing, swimming, walking, jogging, running, rowing or paddling (canoeing, kayaking or paddle-boarding) means our students can add their miles and fundraising efforts to our Student Union team 2,021-mile target. At the same time they can be reassured that they can do so safely, wherever they are; be that on campus or at home.

We will encourage all of our students to take part in the BRIT 2021 Challenge.”

Lauren Edwards

Student Union President

Plymouth Marjon University

We wish everyone at Plymouth Marjon University and Marjon Students' Union the very best of luck in their 2,021 mile challenge and their fund-raising efforts.


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