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Professor Sir Simon Wessely supports The British Inspiration Trust (BRIT) & the BRIT 2021 Challenge

Addressing and improving mental health, fitness and wellbeing is a priority throughout the UK and this is why BRIT exists. By ensuring mental health is treated as a societal concern, we can encourage early intervention and action.

Our vision is to unite Sport and Education Governing Bodies, Institutions, Businesses, Philanthropists and Inspirational Figures through a collectively powerful approach to support young adult mental health.

We have approached Subject Matter Experts for advice, guidance and support to ensure BRIT remains relevant and to provide evidence to show that our work can have a positive UK-wide impact on improving young adult mental health and fitness.

We are sincerely grateful to Professor Sir Simon Wessely for supporting BRIT and our BRIT 2021 Challenge.

“Providing appropriate and timely support to young adults suffering from mental health issues is vital and I am encouraged to see BRIT working in partnership with charities operating in this area. BRIT is driving forward a positive and collaborative approach by acting as a conduit charity and engaging with organisations and institutions across the education, sport and charity sectors. This is most definitely a time when we should be working together and BRIT’s annual UK-wide challenges can have a considerable impact on improving young adult mental health if every UK university and college embraces them and encourages participation.

BRIT are working tirelessly to invite university and college leadership teams, and student populations, to participate in their UK-wide mental health and fitness challenges. I hope that all universities and colleges in the UK will both champion and take part in this engaging, inclusive and exciting BRIT 2021 Challenge to increase self-resilience, improve mental health and raise vital funds for charities who support their young adults.”

Professor Sir Simon Wessely MA BM BCh MSc MD FRCP FRCPSych FMedSci FKC

President of the Royal Society of Medicine (2017-2020)

President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists

Chair of the government’s Independent Review of the Mental Health Act

Member of the World Health Organisation work group for stress-related disorders

Professor Sir Simon Wessely MA BM BCh MSc MD FRCP FRCPSych FMedSci FKC

We passionately believe in the power of collaboration to deliver more effectively and maximise impact. The support from our charity, education and sport sector partners is integral to the success of our annual BRIT Challenges.

We need to bring organisations together, through a collectively powerful approach, and intervene early at a critical transition point in young people’s lives to avoid long-term risks.  If we do not, there will be far-reaching consequences for the next generation.

The challenges experienced throughout the COVID-19 pandemic will undoubtedly compound the current mental health difficulties experienced by young adults and the wider community.

We need to act now, together, and ensure our mental health charity partners can deliver the support required to young adults at this critical time.

Please unite with us to support and improve young adult mental health and fitness throughout the UK.


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