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Scottish Sports Association

We are delighted that the Scottish Sports Association are supporting Row Britannia and will be encouraging their members to engage with their British Sporting Icons and asking them to visit the host universities and colleges in Scotland, between 12th November and 27th November, when we visit. We also hope that British Sporting Icons will visit universities and colleges taking part in Row Britannia Challenge up until 13th March 2020 (Sport Relief).

“The Scottish Sports Association is pleased to support this inspiring initiative for students and young people from Row Britannia.  Our members embrace the many benefits that sport and physical activity can provide for mental health and we will encourage our Members to engage with their elite athletes to support Row Britannia’s programme where they can through spending time with students and staff.  We all support a vision for a more active Scotland and this initiative from Row Britannia is another great way to help young people to reap and recognise the many benefits of sport and being active."

Kim Atkinson

Chief Executive

Scottish Sports Association

Scottish Sports Association supports Row Britannia


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