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Special Relationship with Samaritans and championing The Positive Student Planner

We are delighted to be continuing a special relationship with Samaritans and we will do our utmost to provide students and young adults visiting our website with online, phone and text support mechanisms and will endeavour to signpost students and young adults to support available to them, day or night.

As a collaborative charity, BRIT are inviting every university and college team taking part in the BRIT Challenge to choose a second charity to raise funds for, alongside BRIT, to support local, regional and national charities.

We hope that university and college teams taking on the BRIT Challenge will choose Samaritans as their second charity to raise funds for, alongside BRIT.

We are honoured to carry the Samaritans' logo, website link and sincerely grateful to Julie Bentley, Chief Executive of Samaritans, for all her support and enthusiasm to forge a special relationship with BRIT.

“Every day, Samaritans volunteers respond to around 10,000 calls for help. We’re here, day or night, for anyone who’s struggling to cope and who needs someone to listen without judgement.

We are delighted that The British Inspiration Trust (BRIT) continues to highlight our services through their work with universities, colleges, student unions and the Charity, Education and Sport Sectors. Improving the mental health and fitness of young adults in the UK has never been more important.

I hope that university and college teams taking part in the BRIT Challenge will choose Samaritans as their second charity to raise funds for, alongside BRIT. Donations will enable us to continue to deliver support to those who need us”.

Julie Bentley



We are also delighted to champion and promote The Positive Student Planner.

The Positive Student Planner, from Samaritans x Positive Planner, is the first dedicated student wellbeing journal. Co-created with students and student mental health expert Dr Dominique Thompson, it’s a screen-free way to tackle the overwhelm student life can bring.

"I have spent most of my professional career as a GP working with students, and I have seen a significant rise in anxiety, loneliness and perfectionism, leading to an increasing need for support from staff in universities and colleges. That is why I was so happy to be part of developing the Positive Student Planner. It is a wonderful, creative and supportive new way for students to help themselves day to day, whilst allowing them to develop life skills around dealing with challenges."

Dr Dominique Thompson

Young people’s mental health expert

What to expect from The Positive Student Planner:

A new wellbeing journal backed by experts, specifically designed to support students both emotionally and practically. It helps you tackle things like independent living, budgeting, meeting new people and balancing work and fun. It guides you to develop coping mechanisms for tough times, and positive wellbeing habits that will benefit you in the long term. Take a look inside the planner here.

Sales of the planner will help Samaritans continue to reach anyone struggling to cope.

Order yours here, and use the code PositivePlanner15 at checkout for a 15% student discount.

Or if you work at a university, college, or Student Union and are looking to make a bulk order you can do so here.

“It has helped with my anxiety as I feel more in control of my time and ensure I prioritise myself as well as my studies. This has made me more productive and feel better mentally. It's made me feel a lot happier, less anxious and more relaxed as I can visually see what I've achieved, what I need to do and what things I can improve on. It's also helped me balance my work and social life as it helps me recognise I need to have 'me time' and not just focus on uni work. Overall, I really enjoy The Positive Student Planner and would recommend it to any student, particularly if they struggle with anxiety or time management problems.”

Tina, 20, University of Kent

I'm sincerely grateful to Emma Johnston-Donne, Product Lead, Supporter Insight & Innovations, at Samaritans, for all her help and support.


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