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The Committee of University Chairs (CUC) encourages University Chairs to secure donations & sponsors

We are delighted that the Committee of University Chairs (CUC) have championed our BRIT Challenges over the past three years and are sincerely grateful that their Chair, Michael Queen, is encouraging fellow University Chairs to support BRIT by inviting their networks of businesses and corporations to make a donation, or sponsor us, to cover our operational costs.

We are also grateful to John Rushforth, Executive Secretary of the Committee of University Chairs, for all his friendship, guidance and support.

“The Committee of University Chairs continues to support The British Inspiration Trust (BRIT) and the aims of the annual BRIT Challenge, namely - to deliver an inclusive feelgood February fundraise to improve the mental health and fitness of students and staff at every UK university and college, as well as raising funds for local, regional and national mental health charities.

I encourage every University Chair to work with their Vice-Chancellors and actively participate in this inspirational event and encourage their university to enter teams; the BRIT Challenge has the potential to make a huge difference in support of young adult mental health throughout the UK.

I would also encourage them to use their extensive networks to invite businesses and corporations to either sponsor BRIT or make a donation to cover the operational costs of the annual BRIT Challenge. If every one of our 135 University Chairs secured a donation of £2,500, together they would enable BRIT to operate through to 2025."

Michael Queen


Committee of University Chairs

BRIT needs operational funding to deliver our annual BRIT Challenge. The Chair of the Committee of University of Chairs' collectively powerful proposal and approach to raising funds for BRIT has huge potential for success.

The support from University Chairs to secure donations or sponsorship from their networks of businesses and corporations would ensure we can continue to support and improve young adult and student mental health throughout the UK.

We are sincerely grateful to the CUC for continuing to support us, championing our BRIT Challenge and encouraging participation by their Vice-Chancellors and universities.

For information on how to donate, or sponsor BRIT, please visit the Support BRIT page on our website.


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