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The President of the UK National Union of Students (NUS) & the NUS champion the BRIT 2021 Challenge

We are absolutely delighted that the National Union of Students (NUS) are collaborating with the British Inspiration Trust (BRIT) through a special relationship.

The support from the NUS has been super and we are sincerely grateful to Larissa Kennedy, President of the UK NUS, for supporting and championing the BRIT 2021 Challenge. The NUS are promoting the BRIT 2021 Challenge by sharing the invitation to take part with their members through social media and regular emails. This will ensure that student unions throughout the UK have the opportunity to enter teams and their students have the ability to participate.

Larissa was a Trustee to the British Youth Council (2017 - 2019) and served as a UK Youth Delegate to the Council of Europe Congress in 2018.

Between 2018 an 2020, Larissa served on the NUS' National Executive committee and she is a member of the NUS Black students' campaign.

Larissa's campaign to be elected as President of the UK NUS included student safety and greater testing in student communities, as well as greater investment in student mental health services and making online learning accessible.

Larissa is due to serve a two-year term (2020 - 2022) to oversee the NUS's three-year plan to financially overhaul its organisation following a £3million shortfall in 2018.

"Students in universities and colleges across the UK are undoubtedly feeling the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in their lives and these additional pressures are compounding the existing student mental health crisis. Feelings of loneliness and isolation are commonplace and therefore our students’ mental health and fitness will benefit from events and activities that they can be part of on campus and at home.

Students deserve better than their treatment over this term, and we shouldn’t need to fundraise for our health. It is time for governments to fund university, college and NHS mental health services to ensure all students can get the support they require. Students’ unions also need greater investment to continue to provide essential services to students.

One of the NUS’ core values is collectivism and we believe that unity is our strength.

The importance of supporting fellow students cannot be underestimated and the BRIT 2021 Challenge is an opportunity for teams of students at every university and college to improve their fitness. The BRIT 2021 Challenge is also a great opportunity to raise vital funds for charities who support the mental health of students and young adults.

I am delighted that the BRIT Challenge is an inclusive event and students can take part in many different ways; walking, jogging, running, cycling, hand-cycling, wheel-chair pushing, swimming, rowing or paddling (canoeing, kayaking or paddle-boarding) to complete their team’s 2,021 mile target.

Together, we can be collectively powerful in support of young adult mental health and fight for properly funded, culturally competent services. To take part, Student Unions can register their team here."

Larissa Kennedy

President of the UK NUS

We are sincerely grateful to Larissa and the NUS for their enthusiasm and support to both embrace and champion the BRIT 2021 Challenge.


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