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Thrive LDN support the British Inspiration Trust (BRIT) and our annual BRIT Challenge

We are delighted to have forged a special relationship with Thrive LDN who are supporting BRIT and championing our annual BRIT Challenge.

Our aspiration is that every university and college in London enters teams in the BRIT Challenge so that every student and staff member has the opportunity to participate.

We are sincerely grateful to Dan Barrett, Director at Thrive LDN, and James Ludley, Communications Lead, for all their support and enthusiasm to help encourage universities and colleges in London to take part.

“Thrive LDN is proud to champion the British Inspiration Trust’s annual inclusive BRIT Challenge; an inspiring initiative to support and improve the mental health and fitness of young adults in the UK.

Despite COVID-19 restrictions, we know universities, colleges and Students’ Unions found creative ways to engage students and staff who were working remotely; it was great to see that over the past two years, almost 180 universities and colleges took part in BRIT Challenges. To unite universities and colleges throughout the UK, BRIT are striving to implement BRIT Regional Steering Groups; I hope universities and colleges in Greater London will promote the opportunity for a student and staff representative to join their BRIT Steering Group and explore how to increase team participation, enable students and staff of all abilities to take part and use the BRIT Challenge as a catalyst to destigmatise mental health.

The BRIT Challenge allows organisations and teams to participate in their own unique way. It is an inspiring challenge that is helping to raise positive awareness of mental health and suicide prevention, all while raising funds for local, regional and national charities. I would encourage every London university, college and Students’ Union to embrace the annual BRIT Challenge, register a team and encourage their students and staff to take part.

Good luck to all London participants!”

Dan Barrett


Thrive LDN

Thrive LDN is a citywide movement to improve the mental health and wellbeing of all Londoners. It is supported by the Mayor of London and led by the London Health Board partners. Two million Londoners experience some form of poor mental health every year and Londoners’ life satisfaction and feelings of self-worth are lower than the national average.

Thrive LDN was established in response to this, with the aim of reducing the number of Londoners affected by poor mental health. In 2019, more than 200,000 people took part in events and activities to improve mental health and tackle inequalities as part of the Thrive LDN movement.

To find out more about Thrive LDN, please visit their website;


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