From experience, we know that every institution works differently and the annual BRIT Challenge may be taken on by the whole university or college working together or by a campus, department or Students' Union taking the lead.

One of the best ways to embrace the BRIT Challenge and bring their whole university or college together is to appoint a BRIT Challenge Coordination Group. 


Coordination Groups, used by many universities and colleges on our previous annual BRIT Challenges, ensured that students and staff are integral to organising their event, key individuals and departments bring resources to support their students and there is engagement across the whole institution to promote student and staff participation. The most successful results have been when a BRIT Challenge Coordination Group includes;


  • Students' Union Presidents or Vice-Presidents 

  • University or College Leadership Team Representatives

  • University or College Student Engagement Coordinators

  • The Director of Wellbeing/Student Services

  • The Director of Sport

  • The Director of Communications

To help Team Coordinators pre-BRIT Challenge, our Founder, Phil, is offering to join students and staff on Teams/Zoom to share some of the great ideas that universities and colleges have used to make their BRIT Challenges a success. These ideas include; entering one team for the whole organisation and sharing the 2,022 miles between campuses, departments or Students' Union sports teams, clubs and societies; entering multiple teams; challenging another university or college; teaming up with a local college/specialist college; using social media to engage the whole student body; inviting sporting alumna/local sports teams to help with the miles and awareness raising.


To ensure every UK university, college, specialist college and/or Students' Union has the opportunity to register a team, invitations to participate in the annual BRIT Challenge will be sent to every Vice-Chancellor, College Principal and Students' Union President through our Education Partners.

Over the past two years, almost 180 university and college teams have taken on the annual BRIT Challenge. Our aspiration is for every UK university, college and specialist college to enter a team in the BRIT Challenge. 


Registering for the BRIT Challenge is to let us know you are taking part and ensures we can contact your university, college or Students' Union for;


  • Visits from our BRIT Ambassadors

  • Press Enquiries

  • Quotes or permission to use logos, images or video content.  

  • Working together on social media. 

The university, college, specialist college or Students' Union's (team) representative needs to fill out our online registration (below) and must have full capacity to register for the Challenge on behalf of their organisation (team).

Each university, college, specialist college or Students' Union is responsible for their team’s fundraising activity in aid of our charity partners and ensuring every individual taking part in the BRIT Challenge reads our

Terms of Use




Whilst most universities and colleges will have one team for the whole institution, the number of teams that can be entered is limitless.  If there is more than one team from the same institution (campuses, colleges or student teams/societies/clubs), we request that team names reflect who the team is part of (university, college or student union).  For example;

University of Chichester Students' Union

The Team Name you choose in the Registration Form should be used on your Fundraising Page.

Image by Christin Hume


Set up a

BRIT Challenge Coordination Group


Decide on a Team Name


Complete our Registration Form


Set up a

 Fundraising Page


There are very few Fundraising Platforms that allow donations to be shared equally between two charities (your chosen second charity and BRIT).

We are sincerely grateful to gofundme and the charity for delivering a bespoke Fundraising Platform where you can choose a second charity to raise funds for, alongside BRIT.  




The Team Name you choose in the Registration Form should be used on your Fundraising Page.


 You will then be able to share your BRIT Challenge Fundraising Page as part of your fundraising strategy with your students, staff and community.


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Our aspiration is for students at every UK university, college, specialist college and Students' Union to know they can be part of our vision to improve and support young adult mental health in the UK by participating in the annual BRIT Challenge.


We know this is an extraordinarily challenging time for everyone and therefore appreciate all your support to raise vital funds for local, regional and national charities, alongside BRIT.

Here are just some examples of universities and colleges who took on the BRIT 2021 Challenge;

“Liverpool John Moores University were delighted to host the BRIT Founder, Phil Packer, and introduce him to our Board of Governors, Student Union President, students and staff as part of the BRIT 2020 Row Britannia 5-month tour of the UK. 


We entered a team and championed the challenge in the City of Liverpool and North West to encourage other universities and colleges to take part. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our students were unable to complete the challenge and reach their fundraising target. 


We are thrilled that BRIT have spent lockdown and the summer speaking to universities, colleges, education and sport governing bodies and their charity partners to come back with another fully inclusive, flexible feelgood fundraiser that will take place in 2021.


Our university will encourage all of our students to take part in the BRIT 2021 Challenge, be that on campus or at home, to both improve their mental health and raise vital funds for BRIT’s partner mental health charities.”


Professor Ian G Campbell

Vice Chancellor and Chief Executive

Liverpool John Moores University

Liverpool John Moores University logo.JP