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Special Relationship between BRIT and both Feeling Good & the Foundation for Positive Mental Health

We are thrilled to be entering into a special relationship with both Feeling Good and The Foundation for Positive Mental Health.

In 2004, starting out with audio CDs, Dr Alastair Dobbin, a GP and Dr Sheila Ross, a health promotion specialist, teamed up to create the Positive Mental Training programme for mental health and depression recovery in the NHS. It was developed from a Swedish Olympic Sports performance programme with a positive self-development focus, rather than a clinical illness-based approach.

It has been shown in research to build positive emotions and good psychological functioning, elements which, according to Self Determination Theory, underpin self-esteem and intrinsic motivation.

The audio-tracks in Feeling Good are centred around Positive Mental Training.

Their research in the NHS shows that this is effective for recovery from anxiety & depression, helping you let go of worries, cope better with stress and sleep better.

Positive Mental Training is a skills training programme that uses understanding of the workings of the body and mind to maximise our achievement of our goals. This evidence-based programme incorporates a number of proven techniques for Feeling Good.

The Feeling Good App is recommended by the Scottish Government to support the wellbeing of all Health and Social Care staff in Scotland and has been used in NHS Lothian for patients (primary care and psychiatric services) for more than 10 years. It is in other geographical NHS areas in England, Public Health England ‘Every Mind Matters’ campaign, and is accredited by NHS Digital Apps library. It is also used widely in universities and colleges, who Feeling Good partner with in order to provide the Feeling Good app free to their students, whose mental health and wellbeing needs supporting perhaps now more than ever.

Alastair and Sheila continue to develop and research Positive Mental Training, growing its use in many fields of health & social care. The Positive Mental Training approach underpins all the modules in the Feeling Good Apps.

We are sincerely grateful to Dr Shelia Ross, Feeling Good’s Co-Founder & Chief Executive and Chief Executive of The Foundation for Positive Mental Health, for all her enthusiasm and support to forge a special relationship with The British Inspiration Trust (BRIT).

We are also grateful to Saffron Roberts, Communications Manager, and Serena Steptoe, Schools Project Officer and Evaluation lead, for all their support.

“We are thrilled to be entering a special relationship with the British Inspiration Trust (BRIT) who are delivering the annual inclusive BRIT Challenge as a feel-good February fundraiser in support of young adult mental health and inviting every UK university, college and Students’ Union to enter teams and encourage student, and staff, participation.

Life can be so stressful, it’s not surprising that 1 in 4 of us experience depression or anxiety at some time. I was not taught how to look after my mental health, only physical health. I’ve now learnt from developing Positive Mental Training that its possible to learn skills for emotional balance, to grow resilience and feel more positive about life.

I’m so pleased to be able to bring these skills and techniques to others through the Feeling Good app and to work with all the amazing people in the NHS to help support their work. It’s exciting too to have begun working with younger people, in universities, colleges and schools to give them the tools to develop their potential - their resilience and motivation. The goal setting approach from athletics is especially applicable to helping you reach your dreams and find the right path in life.

Olympians, Paraolympians, Sports Personalities, Adventurers and Explorers are uniting by joining the BRIT Ambassador family. They are sharing their lived experience, at universities and colleges of their choice, in order to inspire and encourage students and staff to take part in the annual BRIT Challenge, destigmatise mental health and signpost to services that support and improve young adult mental health. We are delighted that the Feeling Good app is being championed on the BRIT websites.

It’s great to see that BRIT are inviting every university and college to choose a second charity to raise funds for, alongside BRIT, to support local, regional and national charities whose fundraising has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. This collaborative approach is both inspiring and very much needed to ensure charities can continue to provide vital support to young adults and students”.

Dr Sheila Ross

Co-Founder & Chief Executive of Feeling Good

Chief Executive of The Foundation for Positive Mental Health

Dr Sheila Ross

The Foundation for Positive Mental Health are a charity dedicated to promoting skills training for positive mental health, to enhance everyday wellbeing, increase resilience to, and recovery from, mental health difficulties.

We can all learn how to do this by using simple exercises such as breath control and sports mental training techniques. This 3 1/2 minute animation shows how it works;

The Foundation for Positive Mental Health run training workshops for professionals and support provision of resources, including the Feeling Good Apps, for good causes, either through direct access or through an organisation. The Foundation also work with schools through the Feeling Good for Schools programme, to support young people to build a positive mindset, whilst breaking down stigmas surrounding mental health.

Positive Mental Training is an easy-to-use audio programme, that incorporates these techniques, which research shows can help lift mood out of depression, stress and anxiety and build confidence & coping. Please watch this video on 'How Positive Mental Training helps stress & depression' to find out more;

To find out more about the Foundation for Positive Mental Health, please visit their website.


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